Wednesday, June 13, 2007


"Donate" And "Buy Now" buttons have both been fixed.

There are 2 paypal buttons on this blog. One is a donate button and I'm not going to lie to you because those donations are what I use to buy cigarettes with. So you can donate a dollar or two if you know that your donations are going to go towards one of your fellow smokers being able to buy cigarettes. Just remember how you felt when you were out of cigarettes and didn't have enough money to buy them - remember how you felt? Well here's your chance to help a fellow smoker.

The 2nd paypal button is for a "Smoker's List" that I have created. For a $10 payment I will add your name to this list for 1 year. I will include your name (or if you prefer your screen name), your icon or avatar and a link to your website.


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